Learn More

If you’ve gone through the information on our website (or even if you haven’t), and have more questions, there are a few great ways to learn more about our union.


a Local 99 staffer will lead you through a wealth of information and answer questions from attendees. Check out our upcoming orientation dates and sign up for a session.

Schedule a Call

Local 99 staff is happy to speak with you individually about the work you do, what challenges you face, and how being a member of our union can be beneficial to all of us.

Drop by the Office

Our office is open Mon.-Fri., 9am to 4pm. You’re welcome to stop in, meet our staff, and take home literature for review. We recommend you call ahead to make sure someone will be available.

Heard enough? Join us!

There’s no need to go it alone. Get the support you need in your music career.