Trade Organizations & Music Associations

Connect with Musicians Like You

Here are many other trade organizations and music associations, for musicians in specific fields or with specific interests.

American Composers Alliance

(212) 925-0458

Represents approximately 300 modern classical music composers by providing public relations and lobbying support.

Americans for the Arts

(212) 371-2830

Promotes American cultural activities through interaction between arts groups and leaders of the public and private sectors

American Guild of Organists

(212) 870-2310;

Works to advance the causes of organ and choral music, and to promote appreciation and enjoyment

Archive of Contemporary Music

(212) 226-6967

Non-profit music library and research center. Collects, preserves, and provides information about popular music of all cultures and races

Audio Engineering Society

(212) 661-8528

Membership includes engineers, technicians, administrators, and educators from broadcasting, film, and recording.

Conductors Guild, Inc

(804) 533-1378

Devoted to the advancement of the art of conducting and to the artistic and professional needs of conductors

Country Music Association

(615) 244-2840

Educational organization administered by scholars, curators, and librarians. Oversees Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and resource center

Chamber Music America

(212) 242-2022

National Association the promotes economic stability for 4,300 professional chamber music ensembles, presenters, and training institutions.

Game Audio Network Guild (G. A. N. G.)

Gospel Music Association

(615) 242-0303

Service organization with approx. 3,000 members. Promotes gospel music

League of American Orchestras

(212) 262-5161

Serves America’s orchestras by enhancing artistic and administrative development

Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA)

(615) 460-6946

Brings together educators and leaders of the music and entertainment industry to successfully prepare students for careers in these fields

Nashville Songwriters Association International

(615) 256-3354

Dedicated to the advancement of musical composition and the protection of rights to its 2,600 members

National Association of Broadcasters

(202) 429-5300

Trade association: Represents approximately 5,000 radio stations, 950 TV stations and 1,500 members. Provides legislative, regulatory, & judicial representation

National Association for Music Education (NAfME)

(703) 860-4000

Trade association representing approx.. 4,000 retailers, manufacturers, distributors of musical instruments

The National Association of Negro Musicians, Inc (NANM)

(773) 568-3818

Works to develop worldwide love and appreciation of traditional and contemporary music of African-Americans.

National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM)

(856) 596-2221

Trade association representing interest of sales force of 850 member recording industry companies

National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc (NATS)

(940) 744- 9022

Encourages the highest standards of the vocal art

National Federation of Music Clubs

(317) 882-4803

Promotes American music, composers, and performers

National Guild of Community School of the Arts

(212) 260-3337

Works to foster, nurture, and encourage high-quality arts education

National Opera Association, Inc.

(806) 651-2857

Works to stimulate the appreciation, production, and composition of opera, exclusively through education means.

Opera America

(212) 796-8620

Service organization representing 121 professional opera companies, 669 members

Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

(202) 769-8620

Trade association whose members create, produce, and market 95% of all legitimate recording sold in the U.S. Promotes the mutual interest of recording companies and the betterment of the music industry. Certification agency for Gold, Platinum and Multiplatinum Awards

Rhythm and Blues Foundation

(215) 772-1514

Non-profit organization fosters wider recognition, financial support, and historic and cultural preservation of rhythm and blues through various grants and programs

Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)

(416) 445-8700

Performing rights society representing the worlds music repertoire in Canada. Licenses the public and broadcast performance of music and distributes royalties on behalf of its members

Society of Composers and Lyricists

(310) 281-2812

Songwriters Guild of America (SGA)

(212) 768-7902

Works to provide songwriters with the protection, services, and activities they need to succeed in the business of music