Learn More About Our Union

Local 99 Orientation is an introduction to the many facets of the union, from what contracts we negotiate/enforce, to what benefits members can access, to how we all can improve our local and national music ecosystem through union solidarity.

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Tuesday, June 11
In person

Wednesday, June 26

Wednesday, July 10
In person

Thursday, June 25

Want a preview of what we cover in Orientation? Take a look at our information packet to get a look at the formalities surrounding memberships, and other topics we’ll review with you. (If you attend an in-person session, you will be supplied with a physical copy of these materials.)

Provisional Membership Status

Please note that until you attend orientation, your membership status is Provisional with Local 99. After you attend, you will receive Regular membership status, where you can vote in union elections, Provisional members cannot. Per our bylaws, a Provisional member must attend an orientation within six months of joining.

Why Attend?

You’ll hear about what members like you have done to create resources and benefits available to all members, and what you can do to help strengthen your union and your career. You’ll learn about the opportunities, protections, and resources you have access to as a Union member.

You’ll also get the chance to meet with our Local Secretary-Treasurer, Mont Chris Hubbard, who has a wealth of knowledge and vast experience on trends in the music industry. Orientation gives you the opportunity to engage with your fellow members, and see how the unity and resolve of your union can build political power, to ensure that musicians’ voices are amplified on every level.

“…but I can’t attend any of the dates offered!”

Contact us if the available dates and times don’t work for you, and we will try our best to accommodate your schedule.