Supporting, Elevating, and Uniting Musicians

We are musicians banding together to better our economic status, social position, and professional advancement.

We’re Better Together

Whether you play music in clubs, perform in an orchestra, or work in the recording studio, being a part of our union can help your music career. Join us for advocacy, opportunities to connect, and some cool benefits.

Support for Local Musicians

We work for positive change in the music industry, and our staff is here to offer support to musicians of all stripes. Book a call with one of them to learn how being part of a union can help you.

Find Local Musicians for Your Next Event

We can connect you with local singers, musicians, and bands for hire in Portland and the surrounding counties.

Making Musicians’ Voices Heard

The State of Oregon is changing the laws governing independent contractors. Local 99 is working to ensure that musicians are represented in the lawmaking process.