As members of Musicians Union Local 99, we work together to achieve dignity, fair wages, and a meaningful voice in issues affecting us. We do this through direct action, engaging in activities such as lobbying, educating, petitioning, boycotting, picketing and striking to demonstrate our power and determination. Building Power. The Musicians Union has demanded local radio content by challenging the licenses of radio stations in Portland, successfully overturned the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s rule against minors playing music in bars, and won a national agreement with Delta Airlines to ease their rules on traveling with musical equipment.

To join, one-time initiation fees are assessed plus membership dues covering at least two calendar quarters. A discount is available if you pay by the year. Download the application here.

Make checks payable to AFM Local 99 and mail completed applications to AFM Local 99, 325 NE 20th Ave, Portland, OR 97232. Questions? Call (503) 235-8791 or email us at gro.99mfa@eciffo

One-time Initiation Fees

National: $65     Local 99: $20

Members of other AFM Locals only pay the Local 99 initiation fee. Initiation fees are waived for bands joining, Youth members, and during membership drives.

Regular Membership Dues

Per Quarter: $46.25     Per Year: $177.00 (an $8 discount)

Life Membership Dues (over-65, with 35 years of AFM membership)

Per Quarter: $24.75     Per Year: $99.00

Youth (under-21) Membership Dues

Per Quarter: $29.00     Per Year: $116.00

Additionally, low-cost instrument and equipment insurance, liability insurance, and free, ample rehearsal space, and scholarship assistance are also available to members. Follow this link for more details.