Music Performance Trust Fund

MPTF provides funding to pay AFM members scale wages to put on free concerts in their community. (These gigs used to be called “green sheet” gigs, named after the form you would fill out.) MPTF usually provides 50% co-funding for most any project you propose; in addition, MPTF’s MusicianFest program provides 100% funding for solo musicians to go into retirement homes, assisted living facilities, etc. 

MPTF is now reviewing grant proposals for a limited number of traditional live events; MPTF has also begun a live-streaming performance initiative through its Facebook page. 

The Music Performance Trust Fund is funded via a royalty stream from the signatory record labels that was negotiated by the AFM decades ago. Every time someone buys a CD or streams a record from a major label artist, a little bit goes to the Fund, to pay for live, admission-free concerts. Basically, we have money we want to give you to play music. Come get it!

Contact the Local 99 MPTF Administrator if you are interested in submitting a proposal.