Local 99 Leadership

Executive Board

Our board is made up of three titled officers and five directors.

Officers (three-year terms)

President – Dana Rokosny (elected through 2025)

Vice President – Valyria Lewis (elected through 2024)

Secretary-Treasurer – Mont Chris Hubbard (elected through 2026)

Directors (two-year terms)

TERMS THROUGH 2024 – Kelly Gronli • Lou DeMartino

TERMS THROUGH 2025 – Lars Campbell • Doug Reneau • Bruce Fife

Membership Meetings

We hold a minimum of three General Membership Meetings per year—at these meetings, members get updates from staff, discuss and vote on endorsements and changes to bylaws and our price list, and elect our leadership. Special meetings can be held at the call of either the President, Executive Board, petition of 30 members, or by order of a previous General Meeting.