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a two-hour intensive workshop
with Noah Mickens of the Wanderlust Circus
Saturday, January 25, 2 PM.  $20, free for members.

So, you’re producing an event, and need to be handing money to the artists at the end of it. What happens in between is strange voodoo, my friends, and I will do my best to impart this arcane knowledge I have acquired at great expense to my soul.” Read more… 

Is parking during load-in/load-out easy as pie for Portland musicians?
Are there any venues that particularly troublesome with regard to loading?
Is there interest in a campaign to win musician-only access to loading zones outside venues?  Take the survey to help us find out… or to get involved!


Monday, July 8

Members of the Local met convivially on the evening of Monday, July 8 to share a meal and talk a little bit of business.  Three proposals were approved: a cost-of-living increase to minimum scale, a minor category modification regarding assisted living centers and the like, and to dedicate the Local’s board room to our recently departed and dearly missed Vice President, the late Teddy Moore.

Monday, October 7

Members of the Local met on Monday, October 7 to hear nominations for officers, and to vote on changes to the bylaws. 

Officer Nominations:

  • President [3 year term]: Bruce Fife   
  • Vice President [term through 2015] : Dolores D’Aigle
  • Executive Officer (Exec. board)-[3 positions, 2 year term]
    Mary Ann Kaza
    Jake Pegg
    Lars CampbellThe aforementioned were elected by acclamation.  

Amendments to Local 99 Bylaws:

A few minor housekeeping tweaks were made to reflect changes in communication technology.