The object of the Union shall be, without discrimination, to unite all professional musicians for the purpose of elevating and bettering their economic status, social position and professional advancement. Further, it shall endeavor to promote, support, and develop audiences for the enjoyment and appreciation of performances by professional musicians.

Announcements & News:

211 info: 
Dial 211 (or visit their website) for free information about 3,000 agencies providing over 50,000 programs to people [in various degrees of need] throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.


Sweeping new federal restrictions may have far reaching and negative implications for those who travel abroad with musical instruments containing African elephant ivory and other protected species. The restrictions prohibit the ‘import or export’ of African elephant ivory into or out of the United States.  

Any person traveling into or out of the United States with a musical instrument that contains ivory is subject to increased border scrutiny and enforcement.

The AFM is working with the federal government, members of Congress and other national partners to address this new threat to musicians’ ability to travel unimpeded.  

Here’s information about instrument passports. Bottom line: if you travel internationally with your instrument and/or bow that contains contraband materials like African Ivory, you may reach your destination and find that it’s been quietly confiscated.  You may also face fines.


Generally held quarterly on a Monday evening.  Food is provided.

Local 99 General Meeting

Monday, October 5th at the Local 99 Rehearsal Hall

5:45 pm – Food, 6:30 pm – meeting
Rub elbows – nosh – discuss – vote

The primary purpose of this meeting is to conduct nominations for officers and for the delegate to the AFM Convention in 2016.  Other agenda items, as of now, are the annual approval of the $1.00 per year increase in membership dues, cost of living increase for the officers and a modification the work dues buyout.

There must be a quorum (20 members) for a membership vote on the resolutions, so please plan on attending. It is your Union and needs your voice when discussing and voting on the important business of the Local.

Notice of Nominations and Election of Officers

Terms beginning in 2016

Notice is herewith given that nominations of candidates for offices with terms beginning in 2016. Positions for which elections are to be held include:

Vice President  [3-year term]   (position currently held by Dolores D’Aigle)

 Executive Officer (Exec. board) [3 positions, 2-year term] (positions currently held by Lars Campbell, John Nastos and Mary Ann Coggins Kaza)

Delegate and Alternate Delegate to the 2016 AFM Convention

Any member in good standing who has completed the requirements for attaining full membership in the Union (including having attended orientation) may be nominated. Any member in good standing present at the nominations meeting may nominate an eligible candidate of their choice. Any member intending to be nominated must be present at the meeting, or their nominator must present a written statement of acceptance signed by the nominee.

Next Meeting: Monday, Jun 30, 2014

6-7 PM
To be discussed:

Ratifying the recommendations of the Price List Committee,
Proposed change to bylaws: change the minimum duration of membership to two calendar quarters.

Monday, march 31, 2014
Pres. Fife, fresh from a meeting of the AFM’s International Executive Board (IEB,) provides updates on the AFM on the national/international level.
(for those new to Local 99 and the Musicians’ Union, the AFM covers the US and Canada, and our own Bruce Fife is the VP)

Links for more info coming soon.

Negotiations: Jingles (these negotiations were completed favorably in early June, 2014)
IMA – Integrated Media Agreement
Video Games

Sound Exchange – legislative campaign for performance rights, particularly ‘pre-72’ royalty payments.
TEMPO – New membership/funding drive. Tempo is the AFM’s national fund for pro-musician legislative action.
A new activist campaign by the AFM centered on the film industry. He couldn’t name it at the time, but we now know it was the ListenUp! Campaign.

Bill Thomas was appointed head of Electronic Media Services Division.

Monday, October 7, 2013
Members of the Local met on Monday, October 7 to hear nominations for officers, and to vote on changes to the bylaws.

Officer Nominations:

  • President [3 year term]: Bruce Fife
  • Vice President [term through 2015] : Dolores D’Aigle
  • Executive Officer (Exec. board)-[3 positions, 2 year term] Mary Ann Kaza
    Jake Pegg
    Lars CampbellThe aforementioned were elected by acclamation.

Amendments to Local 99 Bylaws:

A few minor housekeeping tweaks were made to reflect changes in communication technology.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Members of the Local met convivially on the evening of Monday, July 8 to share a meal and talk a little bit of business.  Three proposals were approved: a cost-of-living increase to minimum scale, a minor category modification regarding assisted living centers and the like, and to dedicate the Local’s board room to our recently departed and dearly missed Vice President, the late Teddy Moore.