Member Benefits

Rehearsal space, instrument insurance, and legal assistance are just a few of the benefits available to members. Click topics below to expand for more info.
Referral Hotline
Requests for music come in daily to our office. The requests are emailed to members that have signed up to receive them. Jobs are categorized for easy reference by genre. No muss, no fuss! Easy gig info, without an agency fee!

Booking Agencies

Members receive free listings in the national booking agency AFM Entertainment

Directory of local musicians

Your listing in the Local 99 member directory connects you with approximately 700 other professional musicians in your area. All members are listed by instruments played.

Rehearsal Space

Free to members. A large space, available almost 24/7. Easy load-in/out. Each member can use the rehearsal room up to twelve times a year after hours (That would mean a band with 5 members could use the space 60 times!) and an unlimited number of times during business hours. Reservations are on a first- come, first-serve basis.

Please review the following links (PDFs) for additional information regarding use of the rehearsal space:
Musician Hall Policy
Musician Hall Rules
Musician Hall Covid Mitigation Information

First-rate musicians' Insurance

The Federation has endorsed an insurance package for members’ instruments, equipment and sound systems at group rates from Mercer Consumer. for $2.20 per $100 for the first $1500 and $1 per $100 thereafter of instrument value per year. This policy even covers you while you’re at a gig! For complete details, click here.

Legal Services

Should a purchaser default on a signed and filed contract, your membership will give you automatic legal assistance all the way through arbitration if necessary. As a member, you can also have a free 30-minute consultation with an attorney on subjects ranging from entertainment law to small business issues, family law, etc., with discounted rates for additional work. This program is sponsored through our affiliation with the AFL-CIO.

Local Scholarships

Through the generosity of members who came before, Local 99 is able to offer annual scholarships for continuing education to members who qualify and desire to expand their musical capabilities. Members click here to open the PDF grant application. Applications may be submitted between January 1 and April 1 of each year.

Business guidance and seminars

Local 99 provides you with information on how to market yourself so that you can garner the most work, as well as guidance on how to get your recorded product into the right hands. Throughout the year we offer seminars and workshops on various topics that effect musicians: copyright, getting signed, IRS requirements, etc.

Political Advocacy

Local 99 advocates for labor and human rights, as well as on issues of arts and free speech.

Local 99, as part of the American Federation of Musicians, is part of a coalition working to bring sound recording performance royalities to terrestial radio. This group, the musicFIRST Coalition is a partnership of artists and organizations in the music community who support compensating performers for their work when it’s played over the air. Corporate Radio has had a free pass for too long. It’s time to level the playing field and promote fairness among all types of radio.

musicFIRST Mission Statement
People who love music understand that creativity, talent and hard work are required to bring it to life. The goal of musicFIRST(Fairness in Radio Starting Today) is to ensure that struggling performers, local musicians and well-known artists are compensated for their music when it is played both today and in the future. Of all the ways we listen to music, corporate radio is the only one that receives special treatment. Big radio has a free pass to play music – refusing to pay even a fraction of a penny to the performers that brought it to life. musicFIRST (Fairness in Radio Starting Today) is committed to making sure everyone, from up-and-coming artists to our favorites from years-ago, is guaranteed Fair Pay for Air Play.

Federation Contracts
A Benchmark for Security

A signed, filed AFM contract is the cornerstone of your professional life. It opens the doors to most major Federation and local services and benefits and gives you automatic legal protection should a purchaser default. AFM contracts are easy to complete, and most ethical purchasers will sign them if asked. The Federation and its locals supply legal contract forms to members for all types of professional work. AFM members can download contracts from the AFM Federation website. A signed contract is necessary for complete access to Federation services.

Emergency touring assistance

. . .Help is only a phone call away

When you’re on the road away from home and a gig goes bad – you get fired, cancelled, stiffed or jailed – the Federation’s Emergency Traveling Assistance Program is there to bail you out. One telephone call will put you in contact with a Federation staffer who will give you advice and assistance. What’s more, emergency cash may be advanced based on Federation scale. The Federation will even go to court to collect the rest of your money, at no cost to you. It’s like AAA for musicians!
Your signed, filed contract is all you need to benefit from this service. In the U.S., dial 1-800-ROADGIG (1-800-762-3444) In Canada, dial 1-800-INFO FED (1-800-464-6333)

National & International recording contracts

AFM negotiates minimums for recording scales on all media: CDs, TV, Radio, NPR, etc. with all the major labels and networks. When you record using union contracts, you are assured of these national miminums, a pension contribution, yearly profit sharing payments, and full legal protection.  (more details)

Pension Plan

We have one of the best funds in North America and it is 100% employer funded. It is available if you perform at qualifying workplaces, or if you utilize our 99 Payroll Club. Additionally, freelance and club musicians can make contributions on their own into the pension fund by utilizing the special LS-1 contract.

All national and international agreements call for mandatory purchaser contributions to your pension account, over and above scale. When the proper AFM agreement is signed and filed, the employer will automatically deposit pension contributions into your account in New York. The majority of AFM-negotiated studio and touring contracts listed above call for AFM-EP Fund contributions of 9 to 10 percent.

Payroll Service

In-house payroll services available for those band leaders who are tired of doing the paperwork.

Music Performance & Film Trust Funds

Through agreements negotiated between the AFM and film and record companies, special trust funds exist to pay scale (as set by Local 99) to members who perform at events for which no admission is charged. Such events include parks concerts, educational concerts and performances for hospitals and senior citizens. Emphasis is curently on educational presentations. To participate, you and a co-sponsor must apply to Local 99 well in advance of the event.

Special Payments Fund

If you make an audio recording or motion picture for an employer who has signed a Federation Agreement in that medium, you will receive additional pay over and above scale for several years from a pool of funds created from contributions by all AFM-contracted film and record producers. Each year, all AFM members who have played in film or audio recording sessions divide the pool, according to the number of sessions each musician has played. The more sessions you play, the larger the distribution you receive.
We hate to repeat ourselves, but to qualify for the Special Payments Fund, members must file signed contracts!

Local, State & National Labor Representation

Members of Local 99 are members of the AFL-CIO. This Union works for higher standards of living and safe working environments, among other issues.

Giving Back to the Community

Local 99 also participates in our community through a number of programs and activities. Voluntary contributions help support them.

MEAP – Music Education Assistance Project
The Music Education Assistance Project provides scholarships for private instruction to musically gifted students in financial need. MEAP website

TEMPO – Legislative Action Fund
TEMPO, formerly known as LAF, is the AFM legislative action fund. Donations are used to lobby for candidates and legislation that support musician and labor rights. No union dues are utilized. TEMPO website

Music Performance Trust Fund
The Music Performance Fund supports free music performances. Local 99 can help you set up these gigs, bringing live music to your community and a paycheck to you and your band. Click here for the Music Performance Trust’s website.