National & International Recording Contracts

AFM negotiates minimums for recording scales on all media: CDs, TV, Radio, NPR, etc. with all the major labels and networks. When you record using union contracts, you are assured of these national miminums, a pension contribution, yearly profit sharing payments, and full legal protection.

The Federation has negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreements in the U.S. and Canada covering national and international electronic and touring employment. An international group of producers, agencies, labels and packagers negotiate with the AFM to establish these agreements, which then become the accepted standard for all such employment. Examples of these contracts are available through Local 99, where staff can show you how to complete them correctly.

Agreements covering electronic work include:

  • Phonograph Record
  • Documentary Industrial
  • Theatrical Motion Picture
  • Television/Radio Commercial Announcements
  • Television Videotape
  • Television Film

Agreements are also in place for Pay T.V., Station “ID’s,” Public Television and Radio, and syndicated Radio and Transcription.
Many of these electronic agreements provide for additional payments to you in the event of new usage or re-use of your recording.
National and international touring employment covered by Federation-negotiated agreements include ice shows, circuses, musicals, operas, ballets and stage shows. Before you accept touring employment, check with an officer of Local 99.